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What type of straps are there?

If you don’t have a penis yourself, but you still want it in sexy sex where you’re a penetrator, you’re in luck! Yes, we’re going to talk about straps today.

While mainstream culture tends to associate sexual relationships with heterosexual men with heterosexual women (i.e. heterosexual couples), relationships are fun for everyone!

Whether you’re straight, trans, queer or non-binary — whatever your gender identity — bondage is for everyone.

What is a tape?

In the simplest case, the strap is a dildo that is used to fasten the wearer. This usually means that the dildo is attached to the pelvic girdle via an O-ring. But there are also off-the-shoulder ones (worn by people with vaginas).

How to choose the right dildo and seat belt

If you’re ready for the power of a harness (see what we did there?), you have to make sure you have the correct harness and shoulder straps. When we say straps or straps, we’re not talking about the shoulder straps of a messenger bag or a camera or the NATO straps of a fancy watch.

Not all seat belts are the same, and some are more adaptable than others. Sexperts says the adjustable straps help you because you can make things fit better.

It’s also good to know that O-rings on belts, while versatile, don’t necessarily fit all the sex toys you want to attach to them. BDSM toys and other adult toys used for harnesses tend to have a flared base that is wider than the width of the o-ring, so whatever you buy, you may want to try inserting it into the o-ring to make sure it’s the correct size.

While choosing the straps on the device and dildo can be a personal choice, it can also be a fun “couple hookup” activity. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to choose the size and shape of the penis-like object they will enjoy, but if you’re frustrated and dirty with dildo size and o-ring action, you and your partner can choose what you want Exact insertion type.

When choosing, you also need to consider your anatomy. For example, if you have a penis and plan to wear a belt, it’s wise to choose one that doesn’t interfere with your existing body equipment. This can be avoided by choosing a product with a dual-belt design rather than a single-belt design.

Basically, a single-belt harness covers the genitals so that they cannot be reached under the harness, and for people with testicles, the harness can create a crushing hazard. In a single-strap design, the straps extend directly under the body (like a thong), rather than splitting to the sides (like a knee pad).

The strap material you choose is also important. Do you want it to be machine washable? Then the belt came out; the nylon strap on the seat belt would have been a better fit.

The price range of shoulder straps is also quite large. You can get something simple and inexpensive (about $20) with nylon and polyester straps, or if you want a custom leather strap, it’s over $300. The straps won’t be as high-end as the Rolex Submariner, but they can get expensive. So, just like luxury watches, you’ll want to do your research on a few different types before deciding which straps and adult toys to use.

Why do some people like straps?

There are many reasons to enjoy sex. First of all, if you don’t have a penis but you really want to offer invasive sex to your partner, now you can! Also, if you and your partner have a lot of aggressive sex, you can control and infiltrate them and get them to change.

It’s worth noting that if your penis doesn’t do everything you want due to illness or erectile dysfunction (or you just want it to have a different shape), straps are a great way to go.

The myth of the bandage

There are some urban legends about the shoulder straps we want to eliminate:

1. Sex is unpleasant for the giver.

Sex is great for givers! Not just because you can provide joy to your partner. Today, bandages can be inserted into vibrators and other stimulus-inducing gadgets to create some really nice vibrations. )

2. The straps are only used for fixing.

Again, this is just a shot of heterosexual norms. It does not take into account the experiences of other humans. Everyone can enjoy bandages. Also, any man, woman or other race can enjoy a little anal play.

3. Men who like to be stared at are gay

This is basically the same question as above, just through a homophobic lens. Sexual orientation is not directly related to the type of sexual behavior you prefer. Prostate stimulation from a butt plug, harness or even digital is a wonderful thing that prostate owners (many men) should be comfortable with.

The truth is, pleasure and likes/dislikes, quirks and fetishes do not represent your sexuality. Lots of people like lots of different things that don’t necessarily represent who you are. Remember, you are the only one who can tell you who you are.

4. Binding is power.

While there may be some power play involved, sex can be a tool for deepening intimacy in a relationship (and, perhaps, fulfilling some sexual fantasies?).

Sex isn’t always something openly discussed between husbands and wives, but it should be! Changing the dynamics through the tape can actually provide a valuable opportunity to discuss something. Sometimes there are chronic insecurities or hidden fears in a relationship. Keeping them together with love can improve the quality of your sex life.

Quick Tips

If you want to enter the world of watch straps, please note the following:

Do you want to play with multiple partners? Your silicone (strap) toy won’t get you pregnant, but it can transmit STDs. For your own and their sexual health, thoroughly clean the toys between your partners. If your toy is made of porous material, then you should not use it on more than one person. Thoroughly cleaning porous toys is more difficult. Anything that goes into the asshole should not go into the vagina. The order of operations is always vaginal stuff first, butt stuff later (if you combine the two during sexual contact).

Speaking of things related to anal sex, please remember to come on! Lube is always necessary for anal penetration if you stick a stainless steel toy, silicone dildo, or any other type of toy to your butt.

What are you waiting for now? Buckle up and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.