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The 7 Most Common Fetishes

In the world of kinks and fetishes, anything can go from a normal, innocent activity to a hypersexual activity. Some people think that being a dog is super perverted sex; other people’s fetishes are more complicated.

Some even dream of going to New York City and having sex in public on top of the Empire State Building. Talk to the masses!

What is a fetish?

First, you might be wondering what’s the difference between a kink and a fetish. Unlike sexual eccentricities, which are often defined as unconventional sexual preferences or behaviors, fetishes fall under the categories of necessity, obsession, and overt indulgence. What is a kink? Basically, sex addiction can be possessed, and fetishes are essential. Sometimes this creates obstacles. Without fetishes, there can be no sexual satisfaction.

In a relationship, if your partner doesn’t like your fetish, it can be emotionally challenging. Learning, integrating and adapting to your fetishes and how to communicate in an emotional way are valuable skills. You want to allow others to join and not hate your yum!

(This is a great time to document whether you like the opposite sex, same sex, or any other gender. Remember that when it comes to your sexuality, you like personal information and someone should earn your trust and understand you and your desires . Your sex life is sacred territory.)

Now, depending on how much you’re struggling, getting your partner involved may be easier or more difficult than expected. For example, if you enjoy water sports (peeing games), a lay partner might initially find it offensive. This may be beyond the scope of their normal sexual habits. On the plus side, there is no risk of injury or bodily harm from this activity.

On the other hand, activities like shibari (rope binding) require varying degrees of trust in the partnership because the physical safety of the tied party is at stake. They are really caught up in the whims of each other’s sexual gratification skills and gear.

Be aware that there can be many reasons for a sexual fetish and/or interest in a body part (such as a loving hand) or an inanimate object (such as a sock). You are not broken or lowered in some way by having your own brand of libido. You don’t need to be analyzed by Sigmund Freud. If you do have a weird and stylish fetish that may or may not include adult sex toys, it doesn’t mean you’re handicapped or mentally handicapped. The truth is, sex and the brain are really weird. We don’t fully understand the brain yet.

The only time to worry about your fetish is if it will hurt you or someone else. If your fetishes don’t mesh well, and you’re ashamed of them, it’s hard to maintain a healthy dating and romantic life. If your fetish involves an unauthorized bystander, experiencing it without support is a no-brainer and it could land you in legal trouble. Only do weird things to weird and agreeable people! 7 Most Popular Fetishes

It’s a good idea to be a geek and let your geek flag fly, especially if you find someone with the same sexual orientation as you. There are some pretty common quirks and fetishes out there, and finding someone who fits the more popular fetishes might be easier than you think.

The word fetish is a bit confusing because it can actually be used to describe two things: first, a sexual attraction to something, such as a spoon, stockings, or leather (having a fetish for stockings, shoes, or leather) Largely true, it’s actually considered a common fetish.)

Second, the word fetish can be used for behavior that has become sexy, even if it doesn’t necessarily involve any inherent sexual exchange – for example, when you’re stuck or turned on, tied up, banging your paddle with a paddle Buddy’s knee. It doesn’t have to be a sexual thing, but if that particular action really gets your brain excited, it can be very, very exciting. It might just kick you or your boo into areas of serious arousal and pleasure.

sexual assault

BDSM is one of the most common fetishes, and it’s the easiest to point out when talking about kinks and fetishes. Like it or not, bestsellers like Fifty Shades of Grey have brought BDSM into mainstream culture.

Essentially, BDSM teaches about consent and the exchange of dominance and obedience. Some people give up their power to get out of the car, and some people get out of the car because they have the power to let others call the shots. BDSM can be dangerous, depending on how nervous all parties are involved, but it can also be done well and safely. A bit like sex itself, BDSM Olympic success involves healthy communication, coordination, and common sense.

In a BDSM scenario, there are usually two actors: a dom and a sub. It can involve something innocent like being told to stay in a chair and not move, which can be further complicated by being tied up and hanging in the air.

Then there are more extreme behaviors, such as being lightly wounded and lacerated (knife play), or using controlled fire to enhance the experience of domination/obedience. These are the more extreme aspects of BDSM’s kinks and fetishes, and are practiced by a small group of kinks. More common are light restraints like handcuffs, impactful games like spanking or whipping, and power exchanges with complete control over another’s body.

As with any type of BDSM, one of the core principles is consent; anyone can withdraw from what is going on at any time. It’s important to have basic rules and clear communication so everyone involved can still have fun.

A common and easy-to-remember method is the traffic light system: green, yellow, and red. Here, the Dom can ask the Sub to check in at any time. Green means everything is fine, “I’m fine, keep going”. Yellow indicates a problem; the submarine’s body position may cause breathing difficulties or muscle cramps. Meet those needs and go ahead. Red means a complete stop, remove any equipment in use, put away the handcuffs, and begin actions after BDSM, such as aftercare. Chiyo

Shibari is a subset of BDSM that focuses on the art and beauty of tying someone up. This art form can be a fun, erotic and interconnected expression between partners of any gender and size. Like everywhere else in BDSM, it requires trust and consent to get started.

You can make Shibari yourself if you like, but it’s cooler to do it with two or a group of people. It’s an art, and while it’s fun, it can also be dangerous, like constricting veins and nerves, holding body parts in sore and painful positions, and often getting stuck with something. It is important to know how to practice safely. If you and your partner/friends are interested, there are many online videos about simple shibari ties like chest straps and more in-depth lessons or books to immerse you in the art world of ropes.

leather fetish

Leather is very hot in many different situations! Maybe you have some wonderful curves and leather pants are just right, or the smell of leather is really annoying you, or maybe you just find it really sexy to wear leather straps or a nice pair of comfy pants without a hip.

Leather has a soft and strong tactical feel. Wearing some thicker leather can make you feel strong, strong, and powerful. An entire subculture has been built around leather, and people love it for many different reasons.

foot fetish

Sometimes, the arches or toes peeking out from a pair of sexy high heels can really make your juices flow, you know? People with foot fetishes have different reasons. According to Justin LeMiller, Ph.D., author of “Tell Me What You Want” and a researcher at the Kinsey Institute:

“In terms of feet, for some it’s more visual, but for others it can be about smelling, licking or touching feet in other ways, including using them during sexual penetration. People May be interested in any combination of these activities, or in any other activity involving the feet, including being stepped on or helping a partner put on and take off their shoes.”

In the words of a 31-year-old foot fetish man, “I love clean, dry feet. For me, it’s more like kneeling in front of the dom of the — and showing them a form of ‘thank you’ for letting them I was used.”

group fetishism

Having sex with a boo is already great, but for some people, getting more people involved makes everything naughty. Having different styles in a group doesn’t always mean having sex with many people. This is a more common fetish that may simply refer to two couples making love side by side, watching and enjoying each other’s sights, sounds and energy.

The trio also falls into this category. According to sex researcher Justin Remiel, threesomes are one of the most common sexual fantasies. The truth is, it’s impossible to generalize why someone has specific sexual fantasies. Lehmiller hypothesized that when people dream of having threesomes with their partner and other people, it may be because they want all the attention to be on them. Others may fantasize about seeing their partner openly having sex in front of them. Possibilities abound! Side note: Polygamy also sometimes applies to this category, depending on the type of relationship the parties choose. However, polygamy usually refers to someone having multiple independent relationships with different sexual partners, rather than a codependent group having sex at the same time.


Watching the natural flow of others can be a big change for some people. According to the O. School, “If you’ve ever enjoyed watching a consenting partner fondle yourself, or if you’ve ever caught a glimpse of them in the shower or undressing, then you’ve explored voyeurism.”

According to the Kayla Lords the Loving BDSM podcast, voyeurism “is usually associated with watching other people engage in sexual or kinky activity, but may also be about viewing attractive people for sexual pleasure (this is subjective and determined by the voyeur) ).world.”

It is important to note that consent is crucial here. You definitely don’t want to see someone who doesn’t know they’re being seen, especially when nudity3354 is involved in many places and it’s considered a crime.

But there are so many fun ways to do this voluntarily! For example, your partner might agree to role-play, or be “disturbed” after you come out, pretending to be surprised that they touch yourself. Or someone might agree to be observed at an undisclosed time (ie, you agree in advance that they can actually hide in a closet for you at some point). Hidden cameras can also be used if everyone likes it.

Exhibitionist, on the other hand, is getting out of the car when you are seen having sex. Some couples enjoy sex parties where they can be seen doing dirty things in front of others. Others fantasize about having sex in front of huge flat glass windows, and still others can be seen freely from the street.

Maybe you have an exhibitionism and are looking for a safe outlet to practice. Lucky you! The possibilities are endless on the web, including sites like OnlyFans that allow all kinds of conspicuous acrobatics.

  role play

Role-playing is the practice of acting as another person for a period of time. It’s a broad category, and all aspects of cosplay are even present in BDSM, age-playing, and other kinks/fetishes. If the cognitive risk is small, it may be easier to enter the ideal state of sexual depravity. It’s easier to do naughty things if you don’t; you’re just playing a role (obviously you’re doing a good job)!

Other examples of role-playing include dressing up to go to a bar and then having your partner meet you there and pretend to pick you up. Having a bartender or other “witness” adds to the porn game here, as you can pretend to be on a business trip or dress more provocatively than usual.