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7 Best Sex Positions Straps

Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender, all partnerships can support some form of bondage. As a favorite adult sex toy for the vulva crowd, penis owners are also increasingly joining the bandwagon. ) One of the great things about…

What type of straps are there?

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If you don’t have a penis yourself, but you still want it in sexy sex where you’re a penetrator, you’re in luck! Yes, we’re going to talk about straps today. While mainstream culture tends to associate sexual relationships with heterosexual…

The 7 Most Common Fetishes

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In the world of kinks and fetishes, anything can go from a normal, innocent activity to a hypersexual activity. Some people think that being a dog is super perverted sex; other people’s fetishes are more complicated. Some even dream of…

What is BDSM?

Lubes & Better Sex

Looking for some effective sex therapy? If you can use more (or more) stimulation during sex, BDSM might just be a tool. When you want to take things to the next level and play your game wisely, taking healthy emotional…

How to use the ball plug?

Blindfolds & Gags

Someone once asked, “What is BDSM?” When it comes to BDSM, you might think someone wears a ball head as an iconic image. After all, it’s a symbol of unusual and eccentric behavior. Being able to take away the ability…

How does a penis extender work?

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There are many reasons why people with penises want their penises to be bigger. Maybe they watch too much porn, for example, and think a 9-inch penis is a must to get an award for excellence. ) Maybe they heard…