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How to use the ball plug?

Someone once asked, “What is BDSM?” When it comes to BDSM, you might think someone wears a ball head as an iconic image. After all, it’s a symbol of unusual and eccentric behavior. Being able to take away the ability to speak by gagging creates a strong sense of submission and vulnerability. These are often more obvious than expected, so study the world of gimmicks in a slow, patient, and self-care manner.

What is a ball stopper?

The spherical mouthpiece is a branch of the mouthpiece, a device that controls the mouth. A ball stopper is a stopper with a ball placed in the mouth, sometimes secured with a strap, although vegan leather is more commonly used these days. Gags are often used in BDSM games to increase feelings of helplessness and obedience in subs. Losing the ability to speak and/or express coherently can be unpleasant, so take a step through the gags before jumping right into the more devious and complicated.

Generally, gags remove the ability to express through the mouth, so other precautions need to be taken in order to use gags safely. It’s hard to say a safe word, for example, because the wearer’s mouth is deprived of motion after all. This may be done by completely covering and filling the ball or penis plug, or a lip or ring plug where the mouth can remain open. How to use these devices securely and allow alternate communication of secure words will be described later.

While gags are used as a tool of obedience, there are times when a gag or item can help to relax and soothe. It also allows the wearer to go further by pinching the gag and passing through something. However, not all gimmicks offer this guarantee. Some just open their mouth and lips and don’t offer any ability to bite.

What are the different types of gags?

Although the following is a fairly comprehensive list of gimmicks, many things can be used as gimmicks. Because mischief can be risky, it’s best to buy something specially worn for this purpose, as they have features like adjustable shoulder straps and can be easily cut or removed. The best ball plugs are safe for voluntary use.

Sphere opener

Of course it’s why we’re all here! This type of gag comes in many different sizes and is used to completely gag the mouth. These gags can have larger or smaller balls. If this type of BDSM gag is a new user, it’s better to start with a small ball than bite more than you can chew. It can be uncomfortable to plug a large ball directly. Also, depending on the wearer’s oral anatomy, a smaller ball may be more suitable. Not all mouths are the same structure.

Ball stoppers can be made of many different materials, but silicone ball stoppers are easy to avoid allergies and cleaning issues, making it easy to clean and sterilize between uses. Don’t just rinse the gag with water and put it in another person’s mouth. There are bacteria and bacteria in the gag. While sharing is caring, we don’t want to share in an unsanitary, unauthorized way. Wiffle or vent plug

It’s like a ball plug, but with holes! The breathable ball stopper still has all the interesting energy that no longer speaks for you, at the same time, it also gives the person plugged in more comfort and control over his breathing. These gags provide air through the breathing holes and have the added benefit of making the wearer’s grunt easier to hear. How kind!

While adult sex toy versions of these plastics are readily available, if you’re a regular user, you’re better off spending money on something that’s safer and more hygienic, made from a body-safe material like silicone.

a little joke

Plays with ponies a lot, kind of like the mouthpiece of a horse bridle (though hopefully sturdy silicone instead of metal so it doesn’t damage the wearer’s teeth).

These gags are easier on the chin, so if you or your partner have oral problems like TMJ, but still want to be part of #gaglife, this type of gags might be a better option.

gag someone’s mouth/shut someone’s mouth

Not all gags will stop you. Some people actually opened their mouths, but still didn’t allow coherent speech. This can lead to some super interesting dynamics, but again, you’ll want some kind of safe word equivalent — i.e. a non-verbal way to protect words.

Size and material are very important for this type of opening because it should be arranged in such a way that the opening will damage the wearer’s teeth.

gag someone’s mouth/shut someone’s mouth

This is a gag, with huge fake lips to fix the wearer’s mouth and act as a mouth restraint. A gagged mouth can make the wearer look a little ridiculous, often showing expressions of surprise and open mouth, and can cause the wearer to drool. If this is the case, it is not recommended to place the wearer on their back with their mouth open, as swallowing may be difficult in these positions.

penis opener

Do you wish the gag you used to wear was actually in the shape of a penis? Check out the cock gag that fills you or your subs with cock!

This type of gimmick can be done DIY with a handy dude dildo and ring, but if that’s your thing, it’s advisable to get a professional device. You don’t want the penis/dildo to come off the gag and cause you or your sub to choke. That would be very bad.

On the other hand, a shlong stuck in your mouth won’t make anyone feel pain when bitten, so unlike a living human penis knife, just bite it!

Spider opener

Similar to ring or O-ring mouthpieces, these mouthpieces often also include hooks for prying open the wearer’s mouth. Those hooks are like spider legs, hence the name.

Butterfly opener

It’s an inflatable plug that expands in the wearer’s mouth every time the pump is pressed. The plug gets its name from the plug’s two inner “wings” that expand toward the sides of the mouth so they resemble butterflies. funnel stopper

This type of gimmick reveals a deeper understanding of BDSM, as it is designed to compel the wearer to drink something. If you like water sports or some kind of food game, this might be your best bet. Use with care as these items present a serious choking hazard.

Service tricks

This type of gag is attached to the face and has a practical accessory where you can hang all kinds of things. These could be ashtrays or something, so subs with gags have to put a cigarette or a cigar in the ashtray.

Maybe the focus is on total disgrace, and the accessories used are relatively inconspicuous things, such as toilet brushes. With serving skills and a little imagination, there’s no limit to what you can put on someone’s face.

Panel plug

A panel gag, also known as a mouth gag, is a gag that covers the entire mouth with material but doesn’t put anything in it. It may not be as strong as holding something in its mouth, but it is still fragile.

gag someone’s mouth/shut someone’s mouth

If you can’t wear a mask because of injury or a medical condition, you can use something like a manual mask. The hand acts like a panel gag, covering the wearer’s mouth, leading to a juicy feeling of helplessness.

Tape plug

Often seen in movies as duct tape, this type of plug is an adhesive version of a panel plug. Note that tapes are not recommended at all. The skin of the face and lips may peel or tear when removed. If you’re going the gag route, use something more forgiving, designed for things like restraint straps.


While this doesn’t have the brilliance and style of the aggressive-looking leather and steel mouthpiece device, it actually does the same thing: makes it harder for the wearer to speak. It just adds cuteness, not hardcore comfort.

As with many things in life, BDSM kink and fetish equipment can be found online for pretty cheap, but the materials used in poor-quality sex toys are often lacking. If you want to use the gag regularly, you’d be better off buying something made of material that’s sturdy and safe for your health. It’s usually worth investing in kink gear in materials like leather, paired with a nice and functional buckle that’s both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

How to use the ball plug safely?

First, a person wearing a ball stopper should not be left unattended. These devices are inherently dangerous and can cause suffocation if something goes wrong. This is less likely to happen with a smaller gag, but everyone’s mouth and jaw are shaped differently, so even if one person is comfortable wearing a gag, another person may not like that particular mouth.

Also, if the gag person has a temporomandibular joint, prying the mouth open for too long can cause pain, discomfort, and other problems. (And that doesn’t include the drooling problem that usually accompanies vomiting.)

If you want your BDSM scene buddies to chime in and they have a TMJ, it might be better to chime in a little because it hasn’t opened its mouth so far. Simply covering your mouth with a cloth or hand may be more appropriate, as these options do not require keeping your jaw open. If the plug has leather and metal connectors, be aware of metal allergies, such as nickel allergies. The metal can be pressed against the wearer’s skin for a period of time, which can cause them trouble. If the person wearing the gag has a metal allergy, tying the gag with fabric is more appropriate.

Simply flushing the stopper is not safe. It needs to be sterilized. It’s very unfriendly behavior to ask someone to put in a gag and pass it on to the other person without their explicit consent. Disinfection is sexy, all of you.

Depending on the type, vomiting can cause profuse drooling or dry mouth. Another important safety tip: It’s not the best thing to do with one’s mouth up or down.

Again, the ability to express through the mouth can be greatly reduced or completely eliminated by choking, so it is important to have some predefined expressions of non-verbal safe words. Maybe a quick succession of grunts. For example, three quick grunts mean “I’m done.”

Depending on the severity of the gag-containing BDSM scene, something less verbal (like dropping an object) may be more appropriate. For example, “I’m done” can be expressed by dropping a set of keys in the submarine’s hand.

give a hint

As a way to ease the vomiting experience, try wearing a mask for a limited time, for example, no more than 10 or 15 minutes. This can help you get used to the position of your mouth and let you know if you can mentally process something stuck in your mouth longer.

The gag is just one of many tools for tying up games. Covering your submissive partner’s mouth can be a fun and sexy addition to your sexual activity, especially when paired with anal sex toys such as other fun devices (such as anal dildos, anal dilators, sex swings, or nipple clips) when used in combination.

The creative joy of being in a vulnerable and freewheeling person is intoxicating. On the receiving end, being immobilized by physical restraints like straps or handcuffs, slurring your speech, or being greatly weakened can make you feel defenseless and exposed. These feelings are often the focus of BDSM cosplay, but they can get overwhelmed quickly.

The gag is fragile. Wearing a mask (even by experienced mask wearers) may be banned on any given day. Give yourself a breather (lol) and say no to gimmicks, even if they’re part of your regular show on BDSM.

While it may seem self-evident, if you or your subs are sick, please don’t shut up! The excessive development of mucus and saliva can cause the wearer to choke, and while BDSM tends to degenerate, everyone should be alive and healthy after every scene. Don’t shut up when you’re sick. Instead, it might be a good idea to stay home, have some hot soup, and simply imagine all the naughty things you’ll be doing the next day.