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A guide to strapless suspenders

Fun fact: The strapless was invented in the early 2000s by a brilliant lesbian, Mia. She wants to be happy while having sex with her partner. Feeldoe, the first strapless watch strap since then, has been enhanced and given more exciting features.

If you have a vagina and want to be a penetrating partner, strapless is a very interesting option. It is worth mentioning that, like many things, straps can be sexually pleasing to everyone. Queer women love to be tied up for sex, as do any number of straight women, non-binary people, and people of other sexual orientations. Shun women, trans people, and people who don’t conform to gender norms are all fans of strapless.

So what’s the difference between strapless? Well, traditional straps offer a safe way to get your partner inside you. – You use the seat belt to make sure the dildo stays on you. But maybe you’re thinking, “Why not enjoy a little G-spot and/or clitoral stimulation during penetration?” Wear strapless!

What is a strapless?

So, what is a watch strap and how is it different from a strapless strap? A strapless is a dildo or vibrator that can be used without a harness or shoulder strap. Couples of all genders use strapless for intercourse and/or immobilization.

The truth is, if you’ve never seen a strapless before, it might seem a little weird or intimidating (as one sex writer put it, “If you’ve never seen a strapless before, you might be thinking, ‘This What the hell?’ Yes, you’re right, because it’s the first thing I’ve seen.”)

However, despite their unconventional appearance, strapless (sometimes called strapless dildos) are still great. Why? Well, mostly because the advantage of being strapless is that it cuts out the seat belt completely. Unlike most straps, there are no straps, buckles or fasteners here.

Depending on the strap you choose, these puppies can also bring extra joy and fun to any wearer, including those with unique or most common fetishes. For example, some are available as vibrating strapless g-spot dildos, creating the ultimate strapless experience for the wearer.

How does the strapless work?

Unlike the straps that attach the harness to the body, the strapless is essentially a dildo with a light bulb. The wearer inserts the bulbous portion into the vagina and uses the pelvic floor muscles to hold the strap in place.

So, kind of like a double dildo, where both ends of the strap are used at the same time. The spherical head inside the wearer stimulates pleasure and stabilizes the bandage; the other end is for the partner who is infiltrating, whether vaginal, anal, or otherwise. Strapless is an important addition to any partnership with at least one vaginal owner, as the penetrating end of the strap can be used for both vaginal and anal penetrations. It can even provide g-spot or prostate penetration based on vibration.

Types of strapless

Strapless dildos come in a few different types, mostly whether they are equipped with extra vibrating gadgets or even docking plug functionality, or are proven really simple plug-in toys. Real dildos also come in different shapes and sizes. Some are very large, some are very small, and in some cases, they are not even penis-shaped.

No matter what type of strapless can penetrate and connect with your partner, adding a little buzz is fun for both the receiver and the wearer. For example, some strapless straps have a small slot in which you can insert baby bullets. Others have their own inner vibrations waiting to stimulate you. Like any vibrating g-spot dildo, the toy will have its own control mechanism if you choose this version. Sometimes you can use a remote control, sometimes a mobile app, and sometimes a switch or button on the dildo itself to operate it.

Some strapless rabbit breeds are available for increased clitoral stimulation. Some even offer the wearer a bit of anal sex tip (like anal beads) if you really want to experience the “lose your mind and feel overloaded” experience.

How to wear a strapless shoulder strap

If you’re a beginner in the strapless dildo world, you might want to try a bigger vagina ball, like the Fuze Tango. This will make it easier for your pelvic floor muscles (commonly known as Kaigl muscles) to grab the ball end.

To wear a strapless, simply insert the smaller vaginal ball (nicknamed the saddle horn) into the body so that it fits snugly against the g-spot, so that the longer penetrating end is facing out and looks like your penis is straight It’s like coming out of your own body!

If you’re new to all of this, off-the-shoulders might be a good option without the extra bells and whistles so there’s no extra distraction. Ultimately, you want to experience the unique movement and control you need to be strapless.

Another key feature to note is the insertable length. You don’t necessarily need a giant dildo to get the most out of the strap-on experience, and your partner may not be able to handle the length or girth, depending on your sexuality. It’s always a good idea to start small!

How to use the strapless shoulder straps

If you’re new to strap-on sex, it might be a good idea to start with the strap-on version, as it will help you get the hang of what you need.

Basically, a strapless is a more advanced type of strap that may take some time to properly position and secure the piercing head in the correct position. Using pelvic floor exercise toys such as Ben wa balls can help you gain the strength and control you need without a belt at all. Also, having some good sex while learning the ropes may make it easier to master how to penetrate and use the pelvic floor muscles at the same time.

To keep things fun and flexible, sometimes lube is necessary (it’s always necessary if you’re planning on getting into anal play), so be prepared to double-check the material of your strap dildo so that all is well, Hygienic and safe.

If your strap-on dildo is made of silicone, silicone lubes (including mixed silicone lubes) won’t work, as they can degrade the toy. It’s also important to use sex toy cleaners or other cleaning methods to cleanse your partner’s bond.

If you are participating in a game party or other multi-player cooperation scenarios, you can also wear a condom on your seat belt. This is a very safe way to make sure the fluid at the bottom of your multiple sites doesn’t cross over and end up in your choice of fixation, vaginal intercourse, or any invasive sex. Also keep in mind that using a latex condom will also deprive you of your oil-based lube option, as it lowers the latex barrier, making it a sad and ineffective balloon helmet.

Spontaneity is always great, but make sure you’re prepared to properly combine lube and protection strategies so that everyone can find their own personal Empyrean.

With a little determination, cunning, and mighty Kaigl muscles, you can take the harness out of the sex toy warehouse and have strap-on sex like Maria Pie in no time. Once you’re a strapless pro, you can experiment with more intricate strappy sex loves and more elaborate BDSM toys, and even explore fun gear like sex swings!

Advantages of using strapless

Part of the reason straps are especially fun to play with is because it’s not the norm, according to author and sex educator Cameron. “Shoulder straps are fun because they’re a fanciful way to make a lot of people look more taboo,” she explained. “Many of us are attracted to sex and sexuality because they play with expectations and social norms, and using adult sex toys to do so can be very sexy and powerful. On top of that, it elevates oneself tremendously.”

Technical designer Alicia Sinclair added: “Sometimes the allure of [bond sex and hookup] really has to do with the desire to play different gender roles…when in a safe, consensual environment When it’s done, [you might want to] change the standard power dynamics or play with gender perspectives, and the bedroom is a great place to explore those fantasies and desires.”

In addition, there are hands-free, practical sex toys. In the words of another woman, “The real attraction for me was being able to use the vibrator during hands-free sex. It also allowed me to put a smaller bullet vibrator on the strap for when we had sex. Makes me happy.”