7 Best Sex Positions Straps

Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender, all partnerships can support some form of bondage. As a favorite adult sex toy for the vulva crowd, penis owners are also increasingly joining the bandwagon. )

One of the great things about strap-on is that strap-on is pretty versatile, as long as you have a compatible seat belt. In general, you can attach strap- and harness-compatible dildos and other penetrator devices to your strap device of all shapes and sizes.

If you weren’t born with a dick, or if your dick isn’t working the way you want, a harness is also a convenient way to avoid the need to be tall, responsible, and upright all the time. As an added bonus, if you’re not pumping your blood from your brain to your penis, you’re probably going to make a better decision in your sexy crazy horny coma (but the jury is still out on this one) .

How to use the strap: a brief review

There are many different types of straps: strapped or strapless; full of noisy sex motors and trinkets, or a tried and true plain old company ready to shake. In any case, the goal of a harness is the same: to provide you and your partner with a sex toy that induces pleasure and penetration for mutual enjoyment and pleasure.

If you’re new to strap-on sex, and you’ve acquired both the strap-on and harness versions of the straps, be sure to familiarize yourself with how your specific harness is attached, secured, and attached to your body. When you and your partner are in this area, you don’t want to be in the middle of sex when you first apply the bandage. You want some domineering and control in this thing, which can only be achieved with time and practice.

Or in the words of sex therapist Vanessa Marin, “It’s an extra appendage you probably never had. Give yourself some time to get used to it and learn how the bandage fits your body.”

Strapless is only suitable for vaginal main, because it actually enters the vagina and is fixed by the pelvic floor muscles. These tend to be more difficult to control than their banded cousins, although they do come with the added benefit that penises seem to go nowhere.

If you’re trying to figure out how to use a strapless harness for the first time, sex experts usually recommend sticking to more basic sex so you can master the dual requirements of using your PC muscles to hang on to a dildo while inserting it at the same time. Sounds complicated but hot, Amelite?

If you’re not familiar with being a salesman in this situation, don’t be surprised if you experience pain after relatively light intercourse. Your body has not yet fully adapted to the actions of an intruder, but it will over time.

Nails, or anal sex with a bandage, is fun for everyone! Whether you’re in a gay or lesbian relationship, or just exploring your anus in a heterosexual situation, studs can be intimate and incredibly enjoyable. Remember, like all anal play, pinning will always require lube, so make sure you have a variety of lube available for your strap-on and anal toys without degrading the toy’s quality or protective barrier. reuse. This means you can’t use any oil-based lubricants if you’re using a condom. If your dangerous dildo Dave is also made of silicone, you can’t use silicone or mixed silicone lubricants. Healthy sex ftw!

7 Best Sex Positions

1. Doggy style

This tried-and-true pose is perfect for vaginal and anal penetration. It allows you to penetrate or nail by adjusting the angle slightly, and you can easily apply enough lubricant for safe anal sex.

The pose, while not as intimate as being able to gaze affectionately into your partner’s eyes, also lacks sensuality, rather than just making up for it with high-quality, picturesque scenery and primitive animal-like joy. With the Strap Doggy, you can grab your partner’s buttocks during insertion and pull them back onto you and your belt.

2. Missionaries

Although this pose is a bit like a vanilla rep, the truth is that it can be really fun when a bandage is applied. Missionaries are often criticized for “sex is only about reproduction”. Rest assured, sex, and this position in particular, isn’t just about fertility, you can show all of them by admiring your partner’s back and staring them in the eye as you push them in.

Note: This position also allows your partner’s legs to be lifted in the air, changing the sensation of vaginal penetration. They can also be raised with a Nail Companion.


If the hook is the target, then the angle of the spoon line is good. Spoons are great for some cute and comfortable anal play. Part of the beauty of anal sex is that it can be enjoyed in any partnership, no matter what gender and genitals each brings.

The scooping position provides more comfort, caring, and connection energy, allowing you to touch and caress your partner’s body with your other hand, kiss or breathe on their neck, or sit and let them rest on your hard cock shake.

For vaginal penetration, depending on the body shape of you and your partner, it may be difficult to get a cock or cock-like object to properly align the spoon. If this one doesn’t suit your specific makeup look, don’t worry about 3354. There are many other options!

dance in a circle

This is funny and erotic. If you’re used to having sex lying down, it’s a little different. The person wearing the straps sits on the chair and the other person sits on the chair. If you want your partner to twist, tighten and swing back and forth on your belt axis, that’s great. This different stance is also great for when you want your partner to seduce you, or you want to be the leader of control, telling them how hard and fast they need to ride. Like the title of the post, your partner can also make fun of you with some erotic and sensual moves before turning away from you and lowering himself to your berserker stick. For added support, they can place their hands on your knees and upper thighs for easier straddle. And, if you have an extra devotion, you can also use your hands to push them up a bit so they hang on your lap and bounce longer.

One of the benefits of this position is that you can use your hands to stabilize your harness as you enter the initial position, if you need to. The initial insertion is always the hardest part, but once your straps are ready and embedded in your partner, you can sit back and enjoy the sensation of your partner jumping up and down on you.

5. Cowboy/Cowboy/Cowgirl Position

Another great option (at least for the giver) is to sit and enjoy a cowgirl performing leash action. The giving partner can see the receiver swing and spin above them, so there is extra fun.

If you’re someone with a more focused hip and back, you can always ask your partner to turn to the right and sit on your shoulder straps in reverse cowboy style.

6. Doggy style, standing

It turns out that the dog’s position can be done in two ways: One is by placing the armor piercer on the lap, at the same level as the partner (such as on the bed). This is what most people think of when they think of dogs.

But did you know you can stand up too? Yes, this works when the recipient is elevated a bit so that the recipient’s vagina/anus is aligned with the straps of the standing partner. You can do it with furniture or a pile of sofa cushions. Basically, you want to get to a place where you are both at a more or less equal and comfortable height.

Now, the point to note here is that the person standing up should have some kind of grip when it comes to what they’re standing on. A standing dog (StanDoggy, if you will) allows for more power and thrust leverage, but only if your feet can actually grip the floor. Wear slippery socks or stand on a rug with no gripper and you won’t get any sexual influences. A good sense of humor in the bedroom, but if you really can’t provide thrust, maybe you can put on some shoes to offset the lack of grip on the floor.

7. Long bones

Have you ever looked at your partner and thought, “It would be great to have sex with you lying on your beautiful hips and back at the same time”? If this is you, prone bone is your sexual position of choice! not too tired. This position allows you to do some pushes with the help of gravity, and at the same time, you can feel your partner’s juicy hips providing some cushioning for the pushes

Basically, if you’re the bandaged person, you lie on top of your partner and let them spread their legs just enough for you to go through. The extra effect of this pose is to give your partner a sense of being valued, safe, and like now, it’s time to have sex. For deeper penetration, or to make the position better for anal sex, place a pillow under the recipient’s buttocks so the angle is more accessible. This tiny change may be all you need to get in the right position to elevate your partner’s sexual pleasure to a new orgasm.

Reward: On the table.

Using the stance lever again, have your partner lie on a table or a bed large enough. This can make straight, non-binary or lesbian sex amazing. This pose is similar to the missionary pose, except that the arms and hands are not required to support the body. With these free hands, you can help add some penis or clitoral stimulation depending on your partner’s position.

Whether you’re a lesbian couple, a heterosexual couple looking for a female to reverse the role of a penetrator, or you really don’t want to put any labels on your sex life, you can use bondage-based penetrative sex. None of these sexual positions are particularly heterosexual or lesbian, and the gender of the inserted sexual partner actually has nothing to do with whether you enjoy the sex you have.

The truth is that there is no perfect location. Everything depends on the preferences of the participants. Mix and match your sexual needs with the pleasure of the other person. Sex is more fun when everyone is in it and aroused, so it’s a good idea to spend time on foreplay, blowjobs, external stimulation, and sexiness, rather than jumping straight to the strap insertion.

Other sexy tips: Wear an eye patch. You’d be surprised how much this adds, especially with ice (some nipples love ice!) or different sensory experiences like feathers.

What are you waiting for now? Go out and fasten your seat belt. This is the best way to end.